I grew up on a farm in Jackson, Minnesota and became interested in painting at a very early age.
My inspiration comes from my parents and living closely with nature and the animals that we
worked with and nurtured. Our home was surrounded by gardens and was nestled in a large wooded
area near the Des Moines River. These areas hosted many varieties of wild flowers and animals.

My instruction began with oil painting classes in Okoboji, Iowa, during each summer throughout
my years living in Jackson, Minnesota. I took watercolor classes in my adult years, and have
used this medium ever since.

You can see additional exhibits featuring of my watercolors in the Blue Spruce Gallery and the
Bell Tower Gallery in Florence, Colorado. If you enjoy having a taste of wine, you may pick up
a bottle of the Abbey Harvest Fest 2017 Riesling, whose label consists of my contest-winning painting.

Life is ever more beautiful when you surround yourself with family, friends, food, music, literature
and art! My hope is that you will find joy and feelings of peace in what I have to offer!

I will forever thank my husband Tom and my children for their constant support in my endeavors!!

Vivian Yoder McCasland

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