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Venetian boats $70.00, 3rd place winner 2008 show

Bridge with gondola in Venice $70.00, 1st place winner 2009 show

Piazza San Marco in Venice $70.00

Venice: Grand Canal at Sunset $70.00

Venice: Grand Canal $70.00

Arno River in Florence, Italy at sunset

Side canal in Venice, 1st place winner 2007 show


Brianna Noelle Oliver
Penrose, Colorado

Background and education
BA in History and Political Science Colorado College, 2007
Workshops in photography 2006-present


Photography studio in Penrose 2006 to present
Private lessons and workshops in photographic methods 2005 to present
Member of Blue Spruce Gallery, Florence, CO 2007-present

Galleries and Stores

Blue Spruce Gallery; Florence, CO 2007-present

Juried Shows and Awards

Photography show, Blue Spruce Gallery. 2007
Photography show, Blue Spruce Gallery. 2008
The Oliver Family show, Blue Spruce Gallery 2007
Photography show, Ann's Art Annex 2009

Brianna Noelle Oliver
Artists Statement

Brianna has spent several years honing her photography skills. Whether traveling through Europe,
living in Italy, camping in the mountains or visiting friends, she always has her camera with her. With
an eye for the photo that tells a story, her captivating work appeals to everyone. Raised in rural
Colorado, she enjoys photos of the snow covered fence by the barn as much as photos of the grand canal
in Venice. Brianna works in both digital and traditional 35mm format. The ease of digital is attractive
to any photographer, but she especially loves the process in the darkroom. The magic of turning a negative
into the perfect black and white print never fails to excite her.

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