I grew up in rural southeastern Colorado were the wind blows and the sun shines.
I've fancied myself an artist since childhood, encouraged in my efforts to
explore various media - ceramics, painting and drawing, with a focus on fiber
and collage. Jean Scorgie introduced me to the magical linear world of
weaving and it's intricate interwoven patterns of color. Curtis Stahr
deserves great credit for his artistic guidance and introducing me to
collage as a means of artistic expression. The collage process is an amazing
exercise in exploration of color, form and design.
We all have environmental and social influences in our lives that play into
the interpretation of a work of art. Some material used in collage suggest a
form or an idea, but may not be what it appears to be. I invite the viewer to
get nose close to see a little detail tucked into a space, a person peering
over a ledge or trekking down a mountain, and wonder what it means.
Art should provoke thought.
I hope that you are provoked.

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