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Elongated beads; Necklace and earrings
agate, crystal and pearls

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Franktown, Colorado

Background and experience

Teacher at the Logan School for the gifted, Denver 1986-present
Theater, theater production, latin,

Member of Blue Spruce Gallery, Florence, CO 2003-present

Galleries and Stores

Littleton gallery, Co. 2008 to 2009t
Blue Spruce Gallery; Florence, CO 2003-present

Shows and Awards

Logan School Holiday sale 2002, 2003, 2004
Holiday Market, Blue Spruce annual show 2006, 2007, 2008

Artist Statement

Len Jackson is a Colorado native, raised in Boulder, educated in Colorado and Utah.
Her degrees in Latin and History eventually led her to The Logan School, a school for the gifted
student in Denver. Theater arts and set construction are her passion, and she and her husband
Charles work tirelessly with students to encourage their creative sensibilities. Several years
ago Len and Charlie began working with beads, wire and imagination. The results range from unique
Christmas ornaments, to elaborate and detailed necklaces, to their current passion, "chain maille"
jewelry. These pieces are made from titanium, aluminium and niobium wire, wound into a spiral,
then cut into individual links. The links are then joined together just as chain mail armour was
in the Middle ages.
Enjoy the intricacy of this wonderful work!

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